Melody has been founded since 1999 in Australia by Mr Allen Wang.  He is the founder & the current chief executive of the Melody Company he build. The company mainly designs & manufactures classic vacuum tube amplifiers. The company corporate headquarters, mainly the R&D center, are based in Australia.

After many years of considerable hard work of research & development, in order to meet the growing market demands to the audio enthusiasts & a dedication to provide high quality products of offering, the company decided to invest heavily by building a factory in Shenzhen located near the emerging city of Hong Kong.

The new factory site is located on a beautiful green landscape environment located at the foot of the mountain.  It spans an area of ​​10,000 square meters.  The factory has a modern assembly line, a transformer production line, a vacuum processing plant & a variety of proprietary self-built high-end testing equipments & instruments.  The company has dormitories, a recreational facilities & eating house that caters for the staff to live & work in a close & comfortable environment.

Works such as the painting, polishing & grinding workshops areas are adhering to strict environmental, guidelines & regulations in order to meet a healthy & safe work place that sometimes meet or exceeds international standards.


Mr. Allen Wang has an exceptionally solid electronic engineering professional background and also a good amount of management experience. Naturally being the company’s leader he is also the product’s chief designer. Under his leadership and guidance, he has created a lean management team and a design team with a group of highly skilled technicians

The company regularly carries out a series of training’s for employees to constantly update or upgrade their skill set and most importantly committed to adhere to strict company product quality controls. An attention to detail such an appearance of the design of the product as well as a final sound quality control check with burn in period before the product are packed into the box. The company has an established network of multi-national product sales & after-sales service network and has established a good reputation among many companies and partners.

Melody cherishes the importance of both new & old customers, friends and will always treat the partners and everyone exceptionally well. Melody has designed and manufactured a variety of products to US, Europe, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, Singapore & many other neighboring regions & countries.

Over the years, the company’s products have won many national awards and praises from magazines.

  • 2002 MELODY bile machine has passed the European safety standards & CE certification.
  • 2006 European environmental certification.
  • From 2002 onward, Melody bile machine in Hong Kong “fever audio” magazine (The High End Audio Journal of Hong Kong) was named the best equipment of the year for 5 consecutive years.
  • In the French magazine “Revue du Son du Home Cinema”, Melody’s pre-amplifier 1688, integrated amplifier SP3 & PM845 was rated a 5 star.

Melody has repeatedly demonstrated the company’s products at world-renowned exhibitions and has been consistently loved by consumers around the world.