Dutch Audio Event

October 30&31 2021
Veldhoven, The Netherlands



The Dutch Audio Event in Veldhoven, The Netherlands was an absolute succes!  We had one of the largest rooms meaning that we could have many people listen and look at the Melody amplifiers at once. When you enter the room there is immediately a row of Melody amplifiers displayed to your right. This lured many people into the room. Almost everybody I have seen enter the room was impressed by the design of Melody amplifiers, they were already getting that warm feeling without having even heard the amplifiers. That happened at our listening set at the end of the room. We played with the Melody Everest 211 and AN300B MAX.

Everest 211:

When visitors listened to the Melody Everest 211 they were amazed by the performance of this amplifier. Even when considering it’s price many claimed this was the best sound they have heard all day, even when other rooms had amps multiple times the price. The main feedback received on the Everest 211 was the control this amplifier had over the speakers. With it’s (only) 2×13 watts on a speaker of 93dB this amp had strong low’s when expected but absolutely refined, pure and detailed when needed. The placement of the instruments, the wide sound image, and the depth of the sound were elements visitor’s were most surprised by.


Eventhough the Everest 211 is almost 2,5 times as expensive as the AN300B MAX, many people were absolutely amazed by the performance of this amplifier. Because this amplifier is run by only 4x 300B tubes there is a certain ease, quiet and rest to the amp. Even when the sound was supposed to be aggresive and strong it never became bonky or the amp losing the control. It always stayed refined. Many people recognized that typical ‘tube sound’ in this amplifier and were really impressed by it’s performance.

Some visitor testimonials:

”Until today I have never heard of Melody before. But after seeing the design and shortly listening to these amplifiers I am probably going to get one”

”I am not really familiar in the world of tube amplifiers. But after hearing what a beautiful sound these produced I am definitely in love”

”The best sound I have heard all day on this event”

”Glad to see that Melody is back on the European market. I own an amplifier of the older ‘dark’ series and am still very happy with it. When I am looking for an upgrade I am happy I can choose for Melody again”