Professional reviews

Melody Action Ultra review, January 2022
Overall rating: 5/5 stars!

Reviewed by David Vivian, Hifi Choice magazine, England

  • Melody Action Ultra

Some quotes from the review:

“a cost-effective introduction to valve amplification”

“it’s hard to see how the Action Ultra can do any better “

‘”requisite mid-range magic bolstered by excellent high frequency refinement and a well-extended and controlled bass”

Melody amps review, march 2021

Reviewed by Mr. C. Punter, Amsterdam

  • Melody Action Ultra
  • Melody MDA2
  • Melody Everest 211

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Melody amps review, june 2021

Reviewed by Mr. C. Punter, Amsterdam

  • Melody PM-211MAX monoblocks
  • Melody WE2688 Signature pre-amplifier
  • Melody AN300B MAX

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Customer reviews

Avantgarde and Melody MDA2 at Audio Concept Sweden

Another happy customer at Audio Concept in Stockholm, Sweden. A pair of Avantgarde speakers combined with the purity of the MDA2 makes for an absolutely beautiful combination.

Melody Everest 211 review, June 2021

As a very satisfied Line Magnetic 845 Premium customer I have recently decided to seek an upgrade and that led me to the Melody Everest 211, and I must say, I have no regrets. The main reason I decided to go for an upgrade is the fact that I have Klipschorn speakers with a huge sensitivity of 105dB. With the Line Magnetic I didn’t feel like I had a good grip over the volume because of the strong 2x 30W in class A that that amplifier provided. The Melody Everest 211 with 2x 13W in class A did give me that grip over the volume. Even though the Melody has less power, the grip over the volume has increased. Spaciousness, layering, detailing level and fluency are a few of the characteristics that increased exponentially. Furthermore instruments and singing voices feel more natural and real. The Line Magnetic 845 Premium was a great amplifier but that Melody Everest 211 with only 20 hours of playing-in is already taking the throne.
The Netherlands

Melody Action Ultra review, June 2021

I am very impressed with the warmth, spaciousness and full sound of the amplifier; before this amplifier I was fully switching to HD (24,9600) but with this amplifier CD quality (16,44000) sound just as amazing! I stream from my Apple Macbook to the Bluesound Node 2i. Which brings the sound to me Melody Action Ultra to the Klipsch Heresy speakers.
The Netherlands

Melody Action Ultra review, April 2021

As a young starter in the HIFI world I was quickly drawn to a tube amplifier because of their warm sound and obviously pretty looks. The Melody Action Ultra has a simple design which is very attractive and easy to understand as a starter. With my B&W 704 S2 I experience music as if it’s unfolding itself in my living room and I can easily switch between solo HIFI listening to using the amplifier as background music.
The Netherlands

Melody Pro88 MKII review, July 2021

As a lover of analog reproduction, I was looking for a tube amplifier. Frank from A Tube High Fidelity told me enthusiastically that he had a new Australian brand in house, namely Melody. I didn’t know the brand, but of course I wanted to know more about it!

And the Melody Pro 88 MKII has been showing its tricks at our house for a few months now.

The Melody is connected to Sonus Faber Sonetto 2 speakers. I usually play LPs and my Goldnote Pianosa turntable is used for that. This turntable is equipped with a Donatello Gold cartridge of the same brand and is connected to the Melody amplifier via Blue Amp Surzur phono amplifier. A Lumin D2 streamer acts as a digital source.

Immediately after connecting and listening to the first LPs, the drive and power of this amplifier stood out. A stage also unfolds in which voices and instruments become truly separate from each other. A lot is happening in the 3D image that happened far beyond the speakers and even behind me. The whole thing is very pleasant to listen to. The lows and mids are more than sufficiently present, making the bass lines in the music very easy to follow. This is not at the expense of the detailing in the high. The whole sounds well balanced and with sufficient speed and micro detail.

Voices are beautifully reproduced with sufficient body and guttural sounds, as can be heard on the album “Sunset in the Blue” by Melody (what’s in a name) Gardot. This beautiful album, released by Decca, is highly recommended for every music lover. But something magical happens with the Melody Pro 88 MKII: an atmosphere is created that radiates energy as if I were there live. The sighs and guttural sounds make it extra exciting. This is truly enjoyable.

Several albums, both on LP and digital, have been reviewed in recent months and with this amplifier all music comes into its own.

Sound wise, this is what I was looking for. The music really comes to life. I can listen to this for hours on end without getting any kind of listening fatigue. I will enjoy this amp for years to come.

The Netherlands

(automatically translated from Dutch to English)